Client Connection Tools Agreement


Thank you for investing in your professional skills and business practice with Dr. Amy’s products and services.

This Agreement was updated and is effective as of October 12, 2021.

You can download this Agreement as a PDF here.


We hope you have great success with our Client Connection Tools, as they have been designed to bring attention to your practice and differentiate your offering. Please use with the utmost integrity towards your clients' well-being.

On our Client Tools, we have provided space at the top for the insertion of your firm’s logo. At the bottom of each tool, we have provided space for the insertion of an Advisor’s contact details. We want your clients to know that your and/or your firm is concerned for their well-being and has invested in offering these products.

By inserting your firm’s logo or your contact details, you are creating a “Co-branded Tool” only for the above purposes of client recognition. Life Transitions by Dr. Amy, Inc. retains the exclusive content ownership of our Client Tools and Advisor Guides and you, the Advisor, nor your firm will not resell, share with any media, or provide these tools as any type of educational or promotional content, beyond supporting and advising your clients. No other business use is authorized without express consent from Life Transitions by Dr. Amy, Inc.

The insertion of any logo, names, or contact information does not signify any business partnership, any joint venture, or agency relationship, beyond supporting your efforts to enhance client interactions.

The effective use of these client tools relies upon the Advisor’s appropriate communication and the end client’s accurate implementation. Life Transitions by Dr. Amy, Inc. makes no promises as to the outcomes of our Tools and materials. By supplying our Tools to clients, you agree that we cannot be held responsible for any non-performance of these tools, or any lack of earnings which you or your firm may anticipate, or other business success.

We welcome any questions, requests, or ideas for helping you to generate more client connections. Please reach out to us at any time at


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