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We built this toolkit to help financial advisors with crucial human-connection conversations as your clients' approach life's different stages and changes in mid-life and beyond. Our tools have proven to help you connect what's important in your clients' lives to their financial needs.

We know that talking about LIFE is not only one of the most effective ways to engage couples, especially women, older adults, and your clients' heirs – but it's what they want! It also increases client satisfaction, loyalty, and referrals – which is great for business!

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  • Growing Library of 25+ Client-facing Tools – customizable with your contact details
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We're always trying to have meaningful conversations with clients and not just investment or portfolio updates. The tools sparked really important conversations and caused clients to think about these topics in ways they hadn’t before. These really help as a differentiator and add to the value we offer clients.

Greg H. – Wealth Advisor 16 years


Covering a wide variety of Life Transitions and business categories our Client Tools are uniquely designed for clients in mid and later life.

Topics such as: Aging Well, Divorce, Health Challenges, Helping Aging Parents, Legacy Planning, Widowhood, and Engaging Women Clients. Some specific examples are:

Life Transitions Tools

Creating a Plan 'B' Tools

Implications of Life Transitions

Give clients a method to for planning/reacting to a life transition.

Creating a Plan 'B' Tools

Creating a Plan 'B'

Helps people to think about and create back-up plans in the event of a health challenge.

Creating a Plan 'B' Tools

Mapping Your Journey

A GPS analogy to guide clients with their life and financial planning.

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Retirement Tools

Creating a Plan 'B' Tools

Chapters in Retirement

Illustrates how long retirement can last and guides clients to better prepare for each chapter, maintaining choice, control, and independence as they age.

Creating a Plan 'B' Tools

The Meaning of Home

Helps identify ‘what makes home feel like home’ and important aspects when considering a move. (A helpful method for couples to share their perspectives.)

Creating a Plan 'B' Tools

Social Support Planner

Considerations for who might provide help when aging and encourages continued social support growth.

Creating a Plan 'B' Tools

Meaningful Activities in Retirement

Focuses on maintaining a sense of meaning and purpose as one ages, exploring current motivators and how to continue that inspiration throughout retirement.

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Estate Planning Tools

Creating a Plan 'B' Tools

Wills / POAs / Health Care Proxies Implications Guide

Provides a greater understanding of the repercussions when necessary Estate Planning documents are not in place.

Creating a Plan 'B' Tools

Essential Conversations

An effective communication process for families to have more productive and harmonious conversations about any Life Transition.

Creating a Plan 'B' Tools

3-Step Planning Process

Helps clients take action on their Estate Plan – outlines steps for wishes to be understood and carried out.

Caregiving Tools

Creating a Plan 'B' Tools

Caregiving Task Planner

A helpful method of engaging and assigning broader support for the practical needs of providing care to a loved one.

Creating a Plan 'B' Tools

Spectrum of Care

Outlines the types of care available, where it can be provided, and who delivers the treatment or service.

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Clients have more choices than ever and want their financial plan to be about their LIFE, not just about their money. Our Client Connections Toolkit gives you proven, meaningful touchpoints to do just that. When you talk to your client about their life, they will be your client for life!


Dr. Amy D’Aprix has consulted for the financial industry and trained advisors for over 15 years. Thousands of people have benefited from her guidance through speaking engagements, educational programs, and coaching that deliver ROI. Dr. Amy holds a PhD in social work and is an internationally respected expert on life transitions and relational insights.

I introduced the Plan B tool in a meeting with a couple and it's changed my relationship with the wife. They were not on the same page, now are, and she's now more active in our meetings.
Thank you Dr. Amy.

Dave P. – 20+ years CFP









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