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About Dr. Amy

With both a masters degree and PhD in social work, Amy D’Aprix has been providing down-to-earth, practical, and professionally informed guidance on Life Transitions to individuals and professionals alike for 30+ years. Amy, affectionately known as “Dr. Amy”, is passionate about helping people have more choice, control, independence, and quality of life as they age.

A gifted, powerful and inspirational speaker, Dr. Amy has addressed thousands of people across the US and Canada, providing inspiration to those facing challenging or difficult times.

Amy is the author of From Surviving to Thriving: Transforming Your Caregiving Journey and co-author of Building the Bonds of Friendship in Midlife and Beyond. She also created of the Life Memories Journal and Caring Cards to inspire more meaningful conversations between generations. Dr. Amy is a frequent guest on radio and TV shows and has written numerous articles for print and online publications.

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In between coaching, speaking, and writing, Amy sits on the Board of Directors of the International Federation on Ageing, and is both Past President and Past International Vice President. In 2016 she received a Professional Achievement Award from her Alma Mater, Case Western Reserve University. And in 2012 she was recognized as one of Canada’s top business women by Women’s Post Media.